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Galante is the host of Animal Planet’s hit show Extinct or Alive, using his unique skill set to search for evidence that animals declared distinct may still be out there—what he terms the most meaningful television work he has ever done as it combines education with conservation and adventure with wildlife. To see the pilot, which was filmed in Tasmania, watch here.

Galante first caught the public's eye as a young boy featured in news stories as the founder of the Junior Herpetological Society of Zimbabwe.  The media spotlight has continued throughout his life, having recently been called "the world’s greatest wildlife adventurer.” His daring exploits and relentless attitude and work towards conservation, survival exploits and other adventures have landed him in front of a reporter or camera numerous times.​


Naked & Afraid



The start of Galante’s major network media career was his appearance on Discovery Channel's “Everest of Survival Challenges,” Naked and Afraid. He not only survived the 21-day challenge, but thrived! As seen on his episode, Forrest was the first participant in history to actually enjoy his challenge and be sorry to leave when the time was up.  


Forrest scored one of the highest PSR (Primitive Survival Ratings) in the history of the show, and is often called upon by the Discovery Channel for follow up questions and appearances. ​If you would like to see him jumping around the jungles of Panama naked during his first ever episode on network television, click on the link below.


Over the years, Galante has become even more immersed in media, earning a spot as the resident expert on iTV's the Nightly Show and appearing in a Yahoo! cover story.  He has also been quoted in the Telegraph and The Daily Mail, and been interviewed on news and talk shows on CNN, Fox News, ABC and other networks.


He also launched his own Youtube Channel


Watch Forrest on TV

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