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In Galante’s quest to get closer to nature, he became an expert in primitive survival and was scouted and cast by the Discovery Channel for their "Everest of Survival Challenges"... 'Naked And Afraid". 


In December 2013, Galante spent 21 days in the Panamanian Jungle with nothing but his wits, an interesting partner and another pair of survivalists. He was considered the leader of the group and not only survived, but thrived, during the 21 days.


Galante did so well that he scored one of the highest PSR (Primitive Survival Rating) of any of the participants in the history of the show and has since been called upon by the network and a variety of sources to help with ideas and scouting for future survivalists.

Forrest uses his unique skillset in the field of survival as a way to prolong expeditions in remote areas when working with wildlife. 

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